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Essential Oils Therapy (therapeutic plant extracts) as part of your integrative and complementary therapy (Science-based), palliative, and hospice care.

Boost immunity, enhanced mental wellbeing, physical performance and overall wellness

About Us

Dr Christina and the team at The Third Space are great believers of natural and scientific evidence-based properties for overall wellness. The Third Space started with the intention of helping others through a resilience-building program focusing on 4 domains: Mental, Emotion, Physical and Spiritual using positive emotion, meditation, yoga and breathing techniques to enhance overall wellness. The program has helped thousands of people across the globe. The book "Fostering The Wisdom of Resilience" has over 6,000 readers.

In June this year, Dr Christina incorporated essential oil therapy to foster resilience-building further. Research was conducted and by using therapeutic blend essential oils, the following positive results were found. Improvement in sleep quality, enhanced mental clarity, feeling more awake in the morning, emotionally stronger & grounded, happier, calmer, and more relaxed. It enhanced overall wellbeing by >35%. In a similar controlled trial conducted by the European Journal of Integrative Medicine, it has been shown that inhalation of essential oils as per aromatherapy / essential oil therapy resulted in lower perceived stress and depression, and better sleep quality.

As essential oils have a very high level of herbal and chemical concentration, there is a need for safety, especially among children, during pregnancy and nursing elders, sensitive-skinned people, and those with chronic illness. Knowledge of the usage of essential oils safely is important. Risk factors can include dosage, frequency of use, precautions, and the method of application.

Our Journey

Our journey begins in the year 2002, in the heart of London. Our Founder, Dr Christina was undertaking her masters and counseling program when she started volunteering at various charities and associations. It was then where she discovered the use of essential oils as a complementary therapeutic treatment for relaxation, calming the nerves, grounding thoughts, and the ability to boost “self-ecology”. She first started using the essential oil treatments on herself and her friends before introducing the therapy to her counseling clients. It was an overwhelming success. Many counseling practitioners followed suit in implementing essential oil therapy as part of the counseling program.


In 2008 during the Asian Financial Crisis, the collapse of Lehman brothers triggered a domino effect across the financial and housing sectors across Asia and the rest of the world. Seeing so many people desperately calling out for help, Christina formulated a program called Celebrity Coaching Program witch focuses on mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual resilience whilst promoting the use of therapeutic essential oils. Her program helps individual to stay ‘stress-resilient’ and promote self-awareness and openness. Her clients include royals, celebrities, highflyers, executives, lawyers, entrepreneurs, youth, and individuals going through difficult times. Her program also benefited friends of the yellow ribbon project.





Since then, essential oil therapy has become part of Christina’s formula for success. Whether she is transforming a business or an individual, essential oil therapy is part of her strategy. She has a good track record of successful transformation for business and individual’s health.


Today, she continues her practice with a focus on an integrative, sustainable, and natural way of healing. She believes that internal healing through plant extracts heals our body, mind, and soul, and only with that, are you able to unlock the ‘third eye’ to fulfill your full potential.


"All Intangible assets have a body system which requires energy to heal. Energy fuels our body’s internal functions and repairs, building and maintaining cells and tissues, and facilitating the chemical reactions that allow us to heal. Whether I am working on a business or an individual transformation, fuelling with the ‘right’ energy is the recipe for success.”


Christina is a business psychologist, transformation expert, and a certified aromatherapist in clinical practice. She has received her education from The Wharton School - University of Pennsylvania, Johns Hopkins University, Wesleyan University, and Stanford School of Medicine. She is the author of “Fostering the Wisdom of Resilience”. While not at work or conducting research to develop techniques, programs, or new essential oil formula, Christina enjoys traveling, cooking, and spending time with her family and loved ones. 


Everyone’s DNA has slight variations on a theme, and therefore the aromatherapy solutions are tailored on a personal and case by case basis. The result is a focused and holistic approach, treating each one in an individualistic fashion.

Are you aware that peppermint essential oil should not be used on g6pd and children under the age of 5?


Anise, basil, bay (Pimenta racemosa), bay laurel, benzoin, birch, cajeput, camphor, cardamom, cassia, cinnamon, citronella, clove bud, cornmint, elemi, eucalyptus, fennel, hyssop, geranium, jasmine, lemongrass, lemon myrtle, lemon verbena, marjoram, may chang, melissa, niaouli, nutmeg, oregano, peppermint, ravintsara, rose, rosemary, sage, saro, spike lavender (Lavandula latifolia), star anise, tarragon, vitex (chaste tree), wintergreen, yarrow and ylang ylang.

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Holding Hands

Essential Oil Therapy for Clinical Use


Hospital, palliative, hospice, mental health, integrative and complementary therapy

More and more health care providers, and their patients, are recognizing the value of aromatherapy, as well as other complementary therapies as an adjunct to allopathic medicine to treat serious medical conditions. Aromatherapy and the array of benefits it provides to patients, especially those in palliative care, is being recognized and is rapidly growing in use around the world

Health issues such as nausea, fatigue, anxiety, and depression are just a few of the challenges and symptoms people with chronic or life-threatening illnesses may experience. In the hands of a skilled and caring individual, Aromatherapy can ease discomfort and improve well-being physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually for patients and their caregivers.. read more

Fostering Resilience with Essential Oil Therapy

Resilience and Aromatherapy are both an Art and Science, and both use similar principles to promote holistic therapeutic healing. Uplifting emotions, promote mental, physical and spiritual wellness. Both utilize the human body senses: Sight, Smell, Sound, Taste, Touch.

How do we foster resilience using aromatherapy / essential oil therapy? Firstly, lets understand how our body system works... read more

Zen Stones
Skin by dr clb

How much do you know about your Skin?

Essential oils and aromatics have a powerful effect on the body, mind, and emotions; whether absorbed through the skin, inhaled, or ingested. Essential oils and the use of plant material have been found in Egyptian hieroglyphics and Chinese manuscripts. Priests and physicians in these countries were using essential oils thousands of years before Christ.

The skin is the largest organ in the body in terms of surface area. It is part of the immune system, acting as the first line of defense against infection. Our skin is also an organ of elimination, ridding the body of one-fourth of its toxic waste. Skin conditions are often the surface manifestation of deeper conditions such as toxins in the blood, hormonal imbalances, or nervous system or emotional stresses. Conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and acne reflect imbalance in the whole more

Essential Oils and its Precautious

There are over 100 types of essential oils. When selecting an essential oils for relaxation, de-stress, or as part of integrative or complementary medicine, ensure you consult a certified aromatherapist as there are some oils which may not benefit your underlying issues.


Some essential oils such as bitter almond, birch, boldo, buchu, cade, calamus, brown camphor, costus, elecampane, mugwort, mustard, pennyroyal, rue, sassafras, savory, tansy, thuja, wintergreen, wormseed, and wormwood are not to be used at any time as these are herbs that occasionally distilled into essential oils. As essential oils, they are considered more

Natural Herbs
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Understanding Essential Oil Therapy (Aromatherapy)

Aromatherapy, also known as Essential Oil Therapy is a holistic healing technique that encourages health, equilibrium and wellness by using natural plant extracts. It uses essential aromatic oils to improve, enhance and heal the body, mind and spirit. It improves both physical and emotional health. It is both viewed as an art and a science. The therapy has recently gained greater recognition in the fields of science and medicine..... read more

Herb Plants

Our founder : dr Christina

When Science Meets Business


“Using science, business methodology and experiential knowledge in developing techniques to improve lives. An advocate for equal opportunities, sustainable education, women’s empowerment and making the world a better place.”


Dr Christina is an entrepreneur, business psychologist, creator of UAIME technique, founder of TWEL (The Women Entrepreneur Lab), managing partner of BI Consulting, and is a Certified Aromatherapist for Clinical Aromatherapy practice. She has over 20 years of diverse experience in consulting, advisory, operations and coaching. She is coined for using science-based approach, business methodology and experiential knowledge in improving the lives of individuals and businesses. Her work “UAIME” techniques have successfully transformed and turnaround many business projects including ‘deadlock’ ones in the United Kingdom, the United States, China, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore. UAIME technique is also been used by business owners and professionals in the field of human resource, education, business consulting, corporate governance and psychological wellbeing. She has trained and coached more than 1,000 professionals across Asia and more

essential oil therapy by dr clb


As our blood type and underlying conditions vary from one another, it is advisable to seek a certified aromatherapist to provide you a proper analysis and a customized therapuetic treatment



Palliative Care

We will provide a comprehensive analysis and customized program to suit all individuals




We provide workshops on essential oil customization and palliative care program



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